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Ras Mohammed

Shark & Yolanda


Anemone City

27°43.300’N – 34°15.000’E

THE BEST KNOWN AND MOST VISITED DIVE SITE IN THE RED SEA! The extraordinary collection of predatory fish and rich reef fauna is at its most stunning in summer: huge schools of barracuda, mackerel, batfish and short-nosed unicorn fish delight every diver. And all this on a 750m deep wall full of colourful soft corals and gorgonians. Sometimes hundreds of barracuda swim in large circles –just breathtaking! There are days when we can't get any further than Shark Reef because we simply can't and don't want to get away from this sight :) Starting between Shark and Yolanda Reef is a sand saddle with a beautiful coral garden covered with mauve soft corals. It is at this site and at Yolanda Reef that I counted the most crocodile and scorpion fish I’d ever seen in my life. Located at Yolanda Reef are the remains of the Cypriot cargo ship Yolanda. The wreck itself now lies at a depth of 200m.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, clownfish, gorgonia, batfish, mackerel, barracuda, napoleon wrasse, grouper, grey reef shark, crocodilefish, short- nosed unicornfish. NOTES Underwater National Park Infinitely varied dive routes enable us to avoid encountering other groups too often.
What is amusing and interesting for divers is to explore Yolanda’s load which, still lying at 15-20m, consists of containers, toilet bowls, bathtubs, boxes of whisky and the captain's BMW 320. And cavorting around these remains are Napoleon wrasse, groupers, moray eels and fusiliers. On the sandy floor you can find blue spotted rays, and if you look closely, lots of crocodile fish and scorpion fish or other little surprises watching us from their hiding places. Don't laugh, but I have the feeling that the short-nosed unicorn fish are especially trustful here. On several occasions, I’ve had the feeling of having a mute conversation with these fish when they position themselves in front of me and look at me with their big dark eyes. <3 Stay close to the floor because sometimes the current is really strong and you don't want to end the dive early because you run out of air :P The best place to make a safety stop is near the satellite reef, where grey reef sharks sometimes relax or turtles enjoy the sun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - A SPECTACULAR DIVE SITE!