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27°51.965’N – 34°19.412’E

The name of this place comes from a Turkish ship sunk in the 17th century; its cargo contained amphoras filled with mercury. The dive starts at the level of a concrete jetty a few dozen metres further south of the floating jetty or in our case mostly directly from the boat. If you dive down to a depth of 22m, you will quickly encounter a large long chain leading to a modern anchor behind a coral block at 25m depth. Later we come to a large table coral that rises in front of two large coral towers. Behind these we see a part of the ship’s original anchor with inscriptions as well as remains of the amphoras with which the sunken ship was loaded. The ship itself can no longer be seen today.
OBSERVATIONS Soft corals, acropora, gorgonia, turbinaria, glass fish, anthias, butterfly fish. NOTES Look carefully to find what remains of the amphoras.