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The Canyon

28°33.290’N – 34°31.260’E

The dive starts with an exploration of the canyon; for the shallow reef we can take enough time later during the safety stop. At 20m we descend through a crevice in the reef to the sandy floor of the canyon at 30m. The dive leads between vertical walls to a small cave called "fish bowl". The sun's rays create a magical atmosphere and you feel like you are in another world. The cave is inhabited by a shoal of yellow sweepers. After the cave there are two ways to leave the canyon. Once outside we can explore the coral garden. It is usually full of lionfish, butterfly fish, various squirrel fish, moray eels and also octopi can be seen here.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, glass fish, lionfish, mullet fish, dascyllus, damselfish, octopi. NOTES This is the only dive site that is also beautiful when overcrowded, not in terms of the divers, but the sight of their bubbles rising through the sandy floor.