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Ras Mohammed

Eel Garden

27°45.900’N – 34°15.200’E

The impressive fossil escarpment that stretches from Ras Mohammed to Ras Za'atar loses height here and makes way for a passage. Since it is more the biological aspect of this site that makes it exceptional, it is not what every diver is looking for. The dive itself is really effortless and winds along the sand plateau opposite the beach. Pouring out from the small cave in the middle of the reef is a V-shaped stream of sand that provides home to a colony of Red Sea garden eels, which can reach a length of over 80cm. The eels protrude with about two thirds of their length from the sand and sway in the current in search of plankton. Their lairs, which they never leave, are cylindrical passages dug into the sand, the grains of which are glued with a secretion to prevent them from collapsing.
OBSERVATIONS Red Sea garden eels, blue spotted rays, torpedo ray, triggerfish, butterfly fish, dascllus, fusilier, mackerel. NOTES We must approach the eels very slowly and hectic movements must be avoided. Often our air bubbles are enough to scare them back into the ground.