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Local dive sites

Far Garden

27°54.924’N – 34°21.531’E

Far Garden is the northernmost dive site in the bay of these underwater gardens and here you can choose between a circular or drift dive. If you choose the circular dive, you will explore a series of coral reefs that are approximately 30m apart and display an extraordinary variety of corals. Swimming between them you will see lots of reef fish, the lively anthias, lionfish, Red Sea fusiliers and the Indo-Pacific sergeant. To the east is a 5m deep cave, which houses a large colony of yellow sweepers and whose entrance is overgrown by a colony of Porties corals. Unfortunately, there are months where it’s almost impossible to find yellow sweepers: from time to time they are discovered and decimated by predatory fish. If you dive down from this small cave into the gentle canyon and then along the drop-off to the east, you will find yourself above the roof of a deep cave located at 45 m with a diameter of 10m, which penetrates about 12m deep into the reef.
OBSERVATIONS Gorgonia, porties, nudibranchs, anthias, lionfish, fusilier, glass fish, squirrel fish, scorpion fish. NOTES Magical! A dive site with a majestic cave called "Cathedral".