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Local dive sites

Fiddle Garden

27°54.937’N – 34°21.451’E

The name of the dive site Fiddle Garden is a mix of the names Far and Middle Garden, which are the sites that frame this dive site on the left and right. With its two fixed moorings as well as its sheltered location, it often attract boats and scuba divers. The seabed is flat, sandy, not very deep and has coral formations that provide a framework of sandy routes. The most striking feature of the site are two coral towers that rise from 17m to 9m at the edge of the drop-off. Near them, at a depth of 7m, are the remains of a relatively well-preserved amphora, probably of Roman origin. Near the wooden walkway that leads from Sharm Plaza to the start of the dive, we have often seen a manta ray, an animal that very likely lives here. Even rarer – but also spotted on occasion in the summer months – is a young whale shark.
OBSERVATIONS Porties, acropora, turbinaria, fire coral, fire sponge, clownfish, manta rays. NOTES I had my first dive in Middle and Fiddle Garden and this is where I caught the bug. Diving is now my greatest passion! Jacky