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We are a small group of friendly PADI instructors who came up with the idea for this project in 2014, although at that time it was just a forerunner. Some of us work as freelancers and some of us are permanently employed in dive centres. Dive4life stands for our passion to dive! This is what connects us and what we want to share with you! Diving is simply the most wonderful thing in the world and no-one should be denied the opportunity to do it. You can dive with each of us, either in the dive centre where we work or privately. If you wish to dive in a dive centre, the prices depend on the centre. Individual divers or couples travelling alone can stay in our guest room. If you decide to stay at the hotel, we will pick you up every day and bring you back after the dive! Your Dive4life Team your Dive 4 life Team

Why Dive4life?

I caught the diving bug on my very first dive – and then there was no going back. To breathe underwater, experience the feeling of weightlessness, and discover a completely new world was the greatest thing ever! For more than 6 years I spent every holiday in Sharm, even when I couldn’t get a direct flight.  As I stayed with friends, I didn’t get to know and love Sharm el Sheikh as a tourist but in the company of locals. At the beginning I didn’t seriously believe that diving connects people but that is how the friendships between us at Dive4life indeed developed. As I always enjoyed being with my friends and didn't want to stay in a hotel, it came to me that I might not be the only one wanting to discover Sharm el Sheikh this way. Not living in a hotel means having less service but this way I didn’t feel like a tourist or guest anymore, but rather as a friend. And I never missed anything. I love diving more than anything else and have now made it my profession. In the process I have met even more dive-crazy people and Dive4life has grown into the organisation it is today. Diving is our passion and may also soon be yours! Jacky