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Ras Mohammed

Jackfish Alley

27°46.000’N – 34°15.400’E

The dive starts at a white patch on the cliff. It marks the ideal start, because shortly afterwards at 6m depth is the entrance to the cave. The second cave comes shortly after and leads the diver a little way up. A diving lamp is not necessary for the whole dive, because the caves are illuminated by cracks in the reef. Good buoyancy control is important as the floor is sandy and visibility can become quickly clouded. After the caves you come to a wide sand alley that gives the dive site its name. Here you often see blue spotted rays, white-tip reef sharks, blue trigger fish and even manta rays.
OBSERVATIONS Acropra, gorgonia, mackerel, glass fish, triggerfish, blue spotted rays, white-tip reef sharks, manta rays. NOTES At the beginning, don't dive deeper than 5-6m to avoid missing the first cave entrance. Maintain good buoyancy so as not to spoil your visibility in the cave (sandy floor).