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Strait of Tiran

Jackson Reef

28°00.354’N – 34°28.283’E

Jackson Reef is the northernmost reef of Tiran and known for the Cypriot wreck Lara. The south side of the reef is a good place for a drift dive as the current is quite strong. You can see gorgonians, Red Sea garden eels and often turtles. On the north side of the reef, called Jackson Outside, a dive into the blue is particularly recommended in the early morning hours. The chances of seeing beautiful hammerhead sharks are at their highest at this time! 
OBSERVATIONS Gorgonia, fire corals, turbinaria, clownfish, turtles, white-tip reef shark, grey reef shark, hammerhead shark, Red Sea garden eels. NOTES Difficulty varies according to sea conditions. Dive Jackson Outside in the morning!