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Strait of Tiran



28°01.063’N – 34°29.242’E

The Kormoran ran aground in 1984 due to a navigation error and is a well-preserved wreck, which is also suitable for open water students due to its shallow depth. The dive in shallow water leads divers around the 80m long and well-preserved wreck. The coral hills around the wreck create a magical atmosphere and the huge shoals of different species of butterfly fish and goatfish fly through the blue water undeterred by divers. The scenery around the wreck always reminds me of Hobbit country. Between the corals you can find glossy transparent blue pearls that seem to absorb the sun's rays into their very core. These iridescent pearls are, in fact, fish eggs.
INFORMATION Type of ship: freigther Country of origin: Rostock Year of construction: 1963 Length: 82.4m Width: 12.7m Tonnage: 2‘733 t Wrecked: 22.08.1984 Reason: ran aground Depth: 0-12m