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Local dive sites

Middle Garden

27°54.878’N – 34°21.143’E

As the name suggests, Middle Garden occupies the central part of the bay between Far Garden and Near Garden and is completely sheltered from wind, waves and currents. Shortly after the dive begins, the sand plateau narrows and forms a beautiful white coral-lined sand avenue with large massive pore corals. Between the scattered hard corals there are small sandy paths that make you feel like you are walking the paths of a botanical garden – with the difference that you float horizontally and no German-Latin name tags are attached to the corals. This topography and distribution of corals gave the gardens their name. Experienced divers who have enough air in reserve can dive up to the coral towers of Fiddle Garden or, depending on the current, in the opposite direction to Near Garden.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, porties, eagle ray, manta ray, blue spotted rays, cuttlefish/sepia, fusilier, triggerfish, dascyllus, damselfish. NOTES I had my first dive in Middle and Fiddle Garden and this is where I caught the bug. Diving is now my greatest passion! Jacky