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Local dive sites

Near Garden

27°54.401’N – 34°20.833’E

In the south-eastern part of the site there is a dead zone in terms of underwater flora and fauna, the result of hotel construction. Nevertheless, Near Garden has its charm and is an ideal site for a third dive in the afternoon or a night dive. The 15-20m deep sand plateau is lined by a series of coral formations at the drop-off. Several slightly curvilinear gorgonians line the path crossing the plateau. You then turn north to explore the numerous crevices of the reef. The dive passes through two hard coral formations where a colony of yellow sweepers live. With good air management and good conditions, we can dive on to Middle Garden.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, gorgonia, turbinaria, porties, white-tip reef sharks, blue spotted rays, napoleon wrasse, triggerfish, glass fish. NOTES Sometimes visibility is bad.