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Local dive sites

Pinky Wall

27°52.242’N – 34°19.389’E

This dive site is characterized by a steep wall and owes its name to the wide variety of pink soft corals. The dive from the boat is a drift dive. The type of reef differs fundamentally from the other sites in this region, as the reef top is almost non-existent, and the reef drops steeply to dizzying depths of over 180m. The steep wall is thickly covered with soft corals. To the northeast are some beautiful gorges that break up the reef and which also overlap, similar to the chimneys at Ras Za'atar. If there is enough current, you can dive as far as Amphoras.
OBSERVATIONS Soft corals, gorgonia, feather star, parrot fish, napoleon wrasse, perch, angelfish. NOTES Something different for a change.