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Local dive sites

Ras Bob

27°57.791’N – 34°24.665’E

The name Ras Bob was chosen in honour of the famous underwater cameraman Bob Johnson, who operated here for many years. The dive starts from the boat, which is attached to a 20m deep Shamandura (fixed mooring). Blue spotted rays and crocodile fish often linger in the sandy bays. The reef edge itself is characterized by many small caves and cracks, where divers and snorkellers can spend hours observing the underwater world. Deep dives are particularly appealing, but even a shallow dive has its own charm.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, turbinaria, clownfish, blue spotted rays, crocodilefish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, triggerfish, mackerel. NOTES Under favourable conditions you can dive on to Ras Nasrani.