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Ras Mohammed

Ras Burg

27°45.376’N – 34°15.162’E

This site was presented for the first time in 2005 in the Sinai Dive Guide and is not yet so well known. The dive starts at a fossil coral block, which protrudes several metres from the water like a tower, giving this place its name (Burg is Arabic for tower). We dive down the wall to a depth of 20m, where short-nosed unicorn fish and shoals of fusiliers swim. After a short time, you reach an open chimney which is decorated with yellow fan corals, red sponges and siphon sponges and looks as though it is inhabited by butterflies due to the butterfly fish and anthias.
OBSERVATIONS Soft corals, fire sponge, turtles, mackerel, fusilier, grouper, short- nosed unicornfish, butterfly fish, anthias. NOTES It is a beautiful moment to find yourself inside the chimney.