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Local dive sites

Ras Ghamila

27°58.342’N – 34°25.684’E

The topography of this dive site is very simple with a shallow reef and an extensive sand plateau to 14m depth. The plateau is covered with Porties corals, table corals and gorgonians. If the current is strong enough, you can just let yourself glide and look for crocodile fish, giant puffer fish under table corals, masked butterfly fish and the impressive giant and red tooth trigger fish. Other discoveries may include black spot stingrays, turtles and pelagic visitors such as tuna, jackfish and even sharks.
OBSERVATIONS Porties, acropora, parrot fish, butterfly fish, angelfish, grouper, triggerfish, mackerel, barracuda. NOTES The green lighthouse, together with the red and white Gordon Reef lighthouse, indicates the passage for all ships coming from Aqaba or Eilat.