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Ras Mohammed

Ras Ghozlani

27°47.527’N – 34°15.752’E

The bay of Marsa Bareika, which encompasses the dive sites from Ras Ghozlani to Ras Za'atar, has not been open to us divers for long. At the beginning we recommend that you check the direction of the current before jumping off the boat, otherwise you risk running out of air halfway through the dive. The dive meanders along a long sandy slope that starts at a depth of 6m and drops down to the drop-off at 25-30m. Large table corals and other coral species with branched forms rise from the sandy floor, especially near the drop-off. These formations form fascinating and surreal landscapes – a true coral forest – especially at the beginning of the bay. The table corals provide protection to batfish, yellow sweepers and perch, and the sandy floor is home to blue spotted rays, pufferfish and triggerfish.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, gorgonia, porties, soft corals, clownfish, blue spotted rays, pufferfish, glass fish, grouper. NOTES When the sun shines from the east, the light falls beautifully on the reef walls, making them sparkle with life!