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Local dive sites

Ras Kathy

27°50.838’N -  34°18.107’E

We usually begin the dive directly from a large block of coral that – thick with raspberry corals and hard corals – reaches almost to the surface. The gently sloping sand plateau extends from 5m depth to the drop-off at 18-20m where gorgonians can be seen. While exploring the sandy plateau you will find two coral towers, separated by a few dozen metres, that are rich in soft corals, as well as numerous broccoli corals surrounded by Anthias, butterfly fish and fusiliers. In the wall crevices you can see glass fish, lionfish and bigeye perch, while on the sandy floor there are crocodile fish, blue spotted rays and scorpion fish.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, gorgonians, soft corals, anthias, butterfly fish, glass fish, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, triggerfish NOTES The afternoon is particularly recommended for this site. Pay attention to the triggerfish during nest building time.