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Local dive sites

Ras Nasrani

27°57.809’N – 34°24.938’E

If you dive from the coast, this is a circular dive that begins with the real piranhas of the Red Sea – the white belly damsel. The reef is full of anthias, lionfish, bluetail unicorn fish, masked pufferfish, as well as a red anemone with clownfish and a white-spotted pufferfish that swims up and down in the blue waters all day long. There is a section with unusual dark purple soft corals.  Our tip: take a close look at the reef ledges – the scorpion fish is a master of camouflage. If you dive from the boat, a drift dive is the best option, because the current can increase in strength towards the end. Up to the gorgonians the current is mostly moderate to easy and the dive site is well suited to beginners. However, if you continue diving around the corner (not quite visible on this dive map), the current will sometimes get stronger. Spread your arms and fly over an impressive colony of Porties corals – this is the area with the highest density of giant clams in the Red Sea.
OBSERVATIONS Gorgonie, porties, soft corals, clownfish, giant clams, spanish dancer, mackerel, barracuda. NOTES Ras Nasrani and the Extra Divers were our „home“ in 2014. I did my Divemaster course here with Shawky and accompanied several PADI courses on this reef as a photographer.. Jacky