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Ras Umm Sid

27°50.832’N – 34°18.833’E

A typical dive for the Sinai which is right next to Fanar Beach. The most beautiful part of the dive is a steep wall with a famous gorgonian forest! The only place in the entire northern Red Sea where you can find so many in one place. Many niches and small caves invite you to explore and discover a wide variety of reef dwellers, including anthias, lionfish, parrotfish, glassfish and Napoleon wrasse. In recent years we have also seen eagle rays and manta rays! On the curved sand plateau at the top, the current can be strong, and you may see sharks, barracuda and mackerel gliding by. Ras Umm Sid is a really great place for night dives. Even the right side (looking from the shore) which, during the day, looks rather barren and dead transforms at night into a world of little wonders!
OBSERVATIONS Gorgonia, porties, soft corals, parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, lionfish, glass fish, mackerel, barracuda, manta ray, eagle ray. NOTES Once, when the harbour was closed due to bad weather, I spent 70 minutes with a friend in Ras Umm Sid at a depth of 5m discovering completly new aspects of this dive site. Jacky