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Ras Mohammed

Ras Za‘atar

27°45.860’N – 34°15.364’E

A drift dive leads along a steep wall with many soft corals, fan corals and black corals. An eye-catcher are the chimneys in the reef which start at 10- 15m depth and extend in conical forms to the top of the reef, creating a fantastic effect when illuminated by the sun’s rays. The reef has many nooks and crannies in which schools of glass fish, yellow sweepers and large perch are found. Around the cape the current is stronger which raises your chance of seeing tuna, mackerel and barracuda.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, soft corals, gorgonia, black corals, lionfish, glass fish, grouper, mackerel, barracuda. NOTES The reef chimneys are spectacular! But the light must be right.