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Shark‘s Bay

27°57.074’N – 37°23.097’E

No. I'm afraid not. Sharks Bay does not get its name from the sighting of these intelligent predators but from its tourist numbers. If you have already been diving in Sharm, you will already know Sharks Bay. It is one of the big ports in Sharm from where the day boats leave in the morning. You can also pay a fee to use the beach or start a dive from there. Since Sharks Bay is heavily polluted, the divers who live in Sharm regularly get together to do clean- up dives. However, this only solves a small part of the problem. We only catch the rubbish that is still in the bay. That which is already drifting to the sea destroys the habitat of the fish and endangers the animals. Play your role as a responsible diver and dispose of your garbage correctly; and also speak to others about their misconduct if you notice it. Only together can we protect our beautiful underwater world! Back to the dive: you dive over the sandy plateau with some coral sticks at the beginning of the deep, sandy canyon, which is located on the southwestern side of the bay. After following the course of the canyon for a while, you dive up to 18m to explore a sandy plateau and the reef slope that is home to a remarkable variety of corals.
OBSERVATIONS Soft corals, conesnail, sea urchin, squid, lionfish, crocodile fish, stonefish, parrot fish, nutterfly fish. NOTES Unfortunately, partly filled with rubbish – it would be great if you too could help collect man-made pollution and protect our beautiful underwater world. Look for cone snails on night dives.