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Strait of Tiran

Thomas Reef

27°59.437’N – 34°27.644’E

Thomas Reef is one of the most stunning dive sites in the northern Red Sea. After several colourful corals you come to the entrance of a truly magnificent gorge! You can fly over it or, with good experience and air control, dive under the first of the three stone arches and explore a short section from the inside. Further exploration of the canyon, however, is reserved for Tec divers as it quickly becomes too deep for scuba divers. And if you just rush in and shoot up again, you don't really get much out of it. Nevertheless: a breathtaking gorge!
OBSERVATIONS Soft corals, gorgonia, black corals, turtles, angelfish, grouper, unicornfish, barracuda, white-tip reef shark. NOTES The current literally makes you fly! Love it!