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27°52.948’N – 34°19.539’E

Tower is a wonderful dive site with a deep canyon, whose walls drop vertically to over 120m depth and which promises breath-taking visibility. By keeping the reef on your left and diving down to 15m, you will soon reach the edge of a gently sloping and wide sandy plateau at a depth of 12-25m, on which some coral reefs rise. The return trip follows the same route, a little flatter, to explore the crevices of the reef, housing a small cave full of yellow sweepers. Before ascending, it is worth visiting the two large caves located at a depth of 5m on both sides of the canyon towards the beach.
OBSERVATIONS Glass fish, lionfish, squirrel fish, parrot fish, box fish, butterfly fish, fusilier, mackerel, barracuda. NOTES The most interesting area is between 5-20m.