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White Knight

27°57.627’N – 34°23.888’E

White Knight is a tiny bay lined by a rich reef featuring a large inlet stretching along a 6-18m deep sand plateau. A permanent mooring is located here near a colony of Red Sea garden eels. If you dive down to 19m, you will see a metal barrel marking the entrance to the first cave, a little deeper on the opposite side is a second cave at 21m. From the balcony, the site of a real sandfall, you can turn north and pass the 27m deep third cave back to the starting point or continue south. The wreck of the dive boat Noose One has already slipped away and left only a few interesting things behind.
OBSERVATIONS Acropora, turbinaria, clownfish, Red Sea garden eels, crocodilefish, manta ray. NOTES During the whole dive, pay attention to your flippers, because once the sand is swirled up, the view is gone and you will be diving in a milky cloud.