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Strait of Tiran

Woodhouse Reef

28°00.119’N – 34°27.970’E

Woodhouse is located between Thomas and Jackson. It is an elongated reef without fixed moorings and therefore only suitable for drift dives. At 30m in depth we dive into a small gorge, the exit of which is surrounded by table corals. A particularly special surprise here is the bright red anemone which, despite this depth, hides nothing of its wondrous colours, even without artificial light. This is a beautiful dive and a good place to observe sharks, eagle rays and turtles. At the end of the reef, at the transition to Jackson Reef, there is sometimes a current called "washing machine", which has a downward suction effect. If you watch the fusiliers, you will see the current before you swim into it. They spin around without swimming.
OBSERVATIONS Black corals, gorgonia, clownfish, turtles, grey reef shark, white-tip reef shark, leopard shark, hammerhead shark, eagle ray. NOTES Only start the dive halfway along the reef – unless you were born with gills.